APAV: Python analysis for atom probe tomography

APAV (Atom Probe Analysis and Visualization) is a Python library for the analysis and visualization of atom probe tomography experiments.

  • Multiple event dependent mass or time-of-flight spectra

  • Correlation histograms

  • Molecular isotopic calculations

  • .pos, .epos, .ato files or synthetic data

  • Mass spectrum quantification with multiple fitting schemes

  • Interactive visualizations

APAV can perform a number of analyses common in field evaporation science, although it focuses on analyses relating to detector multiple events. A “Multiple event” refers to a phenomenon where multiple ions (elemental or molecular) strike the micro-channel plates between pulses.

APAV is open source (GPLv2 or greater) and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS - or anything able to run a python interpreter. It is written in Python 3 using NumPy to accelerate mathematical computations, and other math tools for more niche calculations. Visualizations leverage pyqtgraph and other custom Qt widgets.

Source code repository: https://gitlab.com/jesseds/apav

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