APAV: Python analysis for atom probe tomography

APAV (Atom Probe Analysis and Visualization) is a Python library for the analysis and visualization of atom probe tomography experiments, for example:

  • Disambiguation of multiple detector events in mass or time-of-flight histograms

  • Correlation histograms and molecular dissociation

  • Calculation of molecular isotopic distributions

  • Read/write common file formats (*.pos, *.epos, *.ato, *.apt, and *.rrng) or simulated data

  • Roi primitives for localized analysis

  • Interactive visualizations

  • Build analyses in the compositional domain (i.e. compositional “grids” with 1st + 2nd pass delocalization)

  • Quantify mass spectra using various levels of fitting/background correction

APAV is open source (GPLv2 or greater) and is platform independent. It is written in Python 3 using NumPy to accelerate mathematical computations, and other mathematical tools for more niche calculations. Visualizations leverage pyqtgraph and other custom Qt widgets.

Source code repository: https://gitlab.com/jesseds/apav


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